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Tips for Finding a Good Travel Agent

When a person is looking to go on vacation they may want the assistance of a travel agency. A travel agency can make sure all the arrangements are taken care of and they can recommend what to do and where to stay. There are some tips for finding a good travel agency.

Get References

Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to find quality services. If a person has a company picked out they can ask for references to speak to real customers about their experience. A person can also go online and read the review about the agents and how their services were from real customers.

Look Around

Do not hire the first travel agent that is listed. It is worth making some phone calls or emails to find the agent that will be the best match. A person can ask about their trip and budget and find the agent that they want to work with. It is best to look for an independent agency that does not get a commission from a specific hotel group or airline.

Have a Budget

Before going to a travel agent a person needs a realistic budget. They should be upfront with their budget and find an agent that will stay within these means.


There are different fee structures when it comes to working with a travel agent. It is best to find out this information upfront. A person should find out how much they charge and when it needs to be paid. They can also use this information when deciding on a travel agent.

These are some ways to find a good travel agent to work with. If a person finds a travel agent they are comfortable with and can trust this will take a lot of work out of their vacation.