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Dealing with Prairie Dogs And Raccoons

Helpful Tips for Dealing With Prairie Dogs

Prairie dog1. Use deterrents such as predator urine, high pitched sonic sounds that can be used to redirect the animal but not harm it physically.

2. Allow the natural predators to assist with the population control and continued maintenance of these animals.

3. Plant bitter smelling herbs and use strong smelling sprays to drive away curious critters.

In case you can’t handle them on your own, contact Wildlife And Pest Denver company. When speaking about food you mustn’t leave out another one of Denver’s finest, the notorious food bandit, the raccoon. These are the most brazen and bold of the animals that can be considered troublesome in Denver, and have no qualms making themselves an equal in your house as far as they are concerned. Raccoons have become very dependent on humans and their refuse, which is why it is not uncommon to find raccoons right outside your house in Denver pilfering through your garbage and even snagging any food left outside for your domestic pets.

As troublesome as raccoons are, and these creatures can carry rabies, they can aid in the natural removal of some of your unwanted visitation from smaller house guests. Raccoons are natural predators of the squirrel and Prairie Dog, and can catch and kill young offspring helping to naturally control the issue that you may be having with them. If you opt not to keep them around for the hunting purpose, getting rid of a raccoon however can be tricky. If you are trying to rouse a raccoon it is best to catch them during the day as they are nocturnal, and when night comes they fully prepared for a tussle.

Helpful Tips for Dealing With Raccoons

raccoon1. Always make sure that you close up your garbage cans and that if you have food scraps to dispose of them in a tightly sealed container. If the raccoon cannot smell the food he will not go rummaging through your garbage.

2. Spray predator’s urine in the attic, crawlspaces, and make a barrier with the urine in the yard and on the outside of your home to discourage approach from these mischievous mayhem makers.

3. Attempt to rouse them in the day. Raccoons are sleepy creatures during the day and will often times shuffle off to avoid a scuffle as they just don’t have the energy to fight it out, however once night comes it is a different story.
4. Never approach a raccoon at night, while near their nest. If you are in your own home and they are there too, it can be a standoff as raccoons will stand on their hind legs and aggressively defend what they believe is their right to be there.

Another common face to the Denver wildlife in the city is the opossum. These poor creatures get a bad rap because they are often feared more than they are researched and easily thought to be aggressive because of the way that the opossum will hiss when cornered. Opossums are scavengers and will not harm any animal unless it is threatened itself. If you wish to deter an opossum from living under your house, in a garage, or just poking around nearby, the following tips are good to follow and should produce satisfactory results.