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Dealing With Opossums

Helpful Tips for Dealing With Opossums

1. As with all scavengers best thing to do is to remove the food source. Make sure that the garbage is sealed up tightly and that no pet food is outside where an opossum can get into it.

opossum2. Use sonic sounds to deter the approach of these critters. They have ultra sensitive hearing and won’t approach or stay if there is a noise that makes them restless.

3. If the opossum is already rooting around in the yard a motion detecter light, a sprinkler system activated by motion as well can act as a quick spook for them to scurry away, or with the alternative that they are known best for, they will play dead until the coast is clear and then make a quick escape with little likelihood that they will return.

Going on to the larger indigenous wildlife, there are coyotes abundant in the mountains and also in the urban parts of Denver. Coyotes had always been a threat and were hunted in order to be able to correct the issue. As the years have passed coyotes have migrated more into the city and live among the buildings and houses much like a stray dog would. Using natural deterrents has been a preferred method of dealing with these animals as they too, provide a much needed service to the fragile environmental balance of the city of Denver, and the state of Colorado. These city coyotes are not the same as the mountainous and rural coyotes. These animals in the city have learned to adapt and restructure themselves around the busy populous. Very rarely will a coyote come in contact with a human, but when it does there is a peaceful coexistence, so long as the animal is not starving or otherwise diseased, it poses no threat to the human and will not act aggressively toward it.