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Dealing With Geese And Squirrels

Helpful Tips for Dealing with Canadian Geese.

canadian geese1. Don’t feed the geese. It is considered illegal to do this in the city parks and it just makes the geese more dependent on humans and also can result in malnourishment of the goose.

2. Don’t trim or mow your lawn short. Geese like to forage in sparse grassy areas for food, if you give them too much grass to go through they will go and search out food elsewhere.

3. Use flashy, noisy lawn ornaments and streamers that can distract the geese, and frighten them from nesting or feeding in the area. Make sure to move the ornament around the yard, and not leave it in one place so that the geese do not become too used to it. Once they do it will lose its effectiveness and something else will need to be used in its place.

As we turn our attention to the smaller animals you may also see an abundance of squirrels in the area. There are some misnomers about squirrels and the biggest one is that they are rabid or that they carry rabies. Squirrels very seldom carry rabies and therefore should not be harmed. It is not advisable to handle one though, as there are other diseases that they do carry. If you are having an issue with an abundance of these critters in your yard or crowding your trees, you can look into humane squirrel removal.

Humane methods for squirrel removal can consist of using unpleasant odors to the offending creatures, or a combination of sounds and odors to be even more effective. Many places have incorporated using owl and other predator statues. Wooden and lifelike they perch above, on tree limbs, telephone poles and sometimes even rooftops adding to the discouragement of having a furry visitor approach these presumably well guarded areas. This method can work for a temporary time period, but if conditions are threatening enough to the need of the animal’s survival, the animal may attempt a daring approach. Once seeing the fact that the statue poses no threat, the animal will become desensitized to it, and move forward foraging and setting up a nesting space.

Helpful Tips for Dealing With Squirrels

squirrel1. Do use a predator’s urine around the area you wish to keep squirrel free. Fox urine works surprisingly well.

2. Do use a small predator statue, such as an owl, or hawk but make sure to randomly and frequently move it so that it does not lose its effectiveness.

3. Do not try to trap and relocate this animal or any other animal.

Another small furry resident of Denver was once not so much a nuisance in the denser city areas but more its rural, mountainous countryside, it is known as the Prairie Dog. Now, because of continuous development of the land, Prairie Dogs are becoming more abundant and problematic in the metropolis of Denver. These creatures are often found in public parks and in yards where they have been forced to relocate. Prairie dogs are much like groundhogs in their behavior of burrowing and can cause significant damage to crops, gardens, and even manicured lawns.

Even though Prairie Dogs are similar to groundhogs are they are more like the squirrel and are often called ground squirrels because of this. It is important to humanely redirect these animals as well since they too, serve as an important part of the ecosystem for the area. Prairie Dogs are food for larger predators that can quickly become troublesome to developed areas, forcing these predators to hunt domesticated animals such as dogs and cats when there is a shortage of their native food supply.