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Dealing With Coyotes

Helpful Tips for Dealing With Coyotes

coyoteImportant to note that these methods are more for what you can do to prevent them from coming to you, but do not change the coyote’s habitat or harm the animal in any way. Check out http://www.wildlifeandpest.com/locations/denver-wildlife-removal for more information about coyote.

1. Eliminate the coyote’s food source. If you have a coyote sniffing around, chances are there are scraps and easy pickings for the coyote to get to. Don’t make it easy or memorable for the coyote to come back. Take in all pet food, leaving the food outside can often encourage these animals to eat the pet food and put them unnervingly close to the proximately of people in their own homes.

2. Use things to frighten and discourage approach on the property. Alarms, lights on motion detectors, or a combination of both is a great idea. Coyotes are stealthy creatures and like to slink around in the shadows, when you put the lights on one, often they will bolt in an opposite direction.

3. Build better fences, the best way to keep a coyote from coming back is to never let them get in. Stronger, more secure fences are the way to go. Build these around any animal pens that may be vulnerable to an attack.

Other methods such as trapping and relocating are not advisable for wild animal control. When the animal is relocated it can be a dire situation for both the animal and its offspring. When an animal is trapped and relocated the animal could have young that have been left behind and there will be orphans that will most likely not survive. The idea is to ward off the animal and prevent its nesting, before the creature sets up house near or on your property.

coyoteWhenever you are attempting to deter an animal from setting up house on your land, in your home or business it is usually a good idea to research what the laws are for carrying out such acts. Make sure that you are not harming any creatures as some can be on the endangered list and others are the food for the ones on the endangered list. By educating yourself and learning about the animals that sometimes can cause a ruckus you will find a way to peacefully coexist with nature and nature will find a way to peacefully coexist with you.