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Denver’s City Wildlife and You


Denver is a place where you might see a lot of animals and animal behavior that would be considered unusual to a person not acquainted with the area. If you are not familiar with Denver’s wildlife you may encounter situations with the indigenous wildlife that could seem to be bothersome and sometimes even scary. That explains why there are so many squirrel removal denver companies. What many may consider a pest in larger metropolises, Denver considers a part of their natural ecosystem and because of this, every life is valued. Since every life, big and small, has value to the delicate balance of this mountainous area, here are some suggestions in detail on what you should do should one of these creatures decide to make a home for itself in or around your home or business.

While you are out for a walk in the crisp, cool air, taking in the sights around you notice the Canadian Geese have made their way back to the mountains. Canadian geese are abundant now, but that was not always the case. At one time in life, they faced the bleak prognosis of extinction. Thankfully due to more conscientious efforts on controlling the population of them and not eradicating them, these geese have come back healthy and strong and in greater numbers with each passing year. With that being said, they can sometimes pose a burden on people in the city by their numbers increasing and flocks spreading out over large areas of road, waterside edges, and even empty parking lots.

With the geese come the feces and that is where a serious health issue can occur. The fecal matter that is left behind from a flock of geese can be a staggeringly large amount and the more you feed the geese the more the fecal matter will increase. This can be toxic for the geese, the vegetation around and some small animals. One simple way of dealing with this matter is to not encourage hand feeding the geese. In Denver State Parks it is considered illegal to do so and can result in a hefty fine. There is also a need to maintain areas where food may be carelessly discarded so as to not encourage the geese feeding in those areas to come back.

geeseOn a more serious note, please be aware of where the geese are when fishing, and never discard fishing line into the water or leave it on the ground where the geese can get to it, or become tangled in it. Working with a wildlife rescue team will give you an idea of what happens when these birds get tangled up in the discarded line. It gets tangled in their feet, causing issues with mobility on land, and can also get caught around their necks. Often times when struggling to get free the bird can strangle itself while doing so. Carelessly discarded fishing line can be a death sentence to these geese as well as other birds, small animals and even fish in the area. Always be mindful of this and don’t litter if it can be helped.